Short, sweet and neat!

A much better and detailed post will follow this week, including a new video.  I have been dealing with a ton of personal issues, went on vacation, finished my third cycle of chemotherapy and turned 29 years old.  It has been a very busy, rewarding and challenging month.  My cancer based stand-up comedy is coming along well, I have been getting as much stage time as possible.  I would like to thank Mark Breslin and Yuk Yuks for all the support they have been giving me while I am here in the Toronto area.

The Funny Thing About Cancer book is taking flight in ways I never thought possible.  The Facebook Page I started for the book already has over 500 followers!  This is not even the best news, I just got word that the amazing dudes over at the Cyanide and Happiness Comic Strip will be providing artwork for the book.  This is going to really round out the book in ways I could not imagine.­  On top of all of this, all of you have helped raised enough funds for over 1000 books to be distributed to cancer centres across North America!  You are all amazing!

On Thursday, I find out if my chemotherapy has succeeded or not and also when my surgery date is.  I’m estimating I will be undergoing the slice and dice by the end of next week.

As I try to maximize the fun in life before I go under the knife, I will do my best to update this in the next few days and provide another video blog.

Have a great week everyone, off to write more of the book.

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