‘I’m bored of it all.’ – Winston Churchill’s last words.

Surgery in 5 hours.
Video talking about it.
8th edition of The Funny Thing About Cancer.

There is some argument on a precise number, but it appears that the average person’s odds of dying during a typical day are 1 out of about 44,000. This is assuming we all live a life of equal risk.

I am going in for a surgery on Wednesday, where my surgical team has decided (after my constant pestering) on a firm 1-2/100 chance of me dying from it.

Needless to say, this has finally all resonated that I am about to experience something frightening. I am scared. I am tired. I am oddly calm. I don’t want to get all sentimental and crazy, but I imagine this what military personnel feel like when heading out on tour. Scared, nervous; but brave. It is something that I have to do if I want to live. Funny huh? I have to enter immediate danger in hopes of long term peace.

Cancer is filled with these seemingly insane practices of getting worse to get better. 80 years of medical research and the best big pharma has come up with is:
Chemo – Number one side effect: More cancer.
Radiation – Number one side effect: More cancer.
Surgery – 1/10,000 die on the table. 1-2/100 within 30 days.

Maybe it is time to stop donating to cancer research? Buy a book to cheer up people instead? Just my few cents.
Get a book here.

6 responses to “‘I’m bored of it all.’ – Winston Churchill’s last words.

  1. Josh
    We have never met, but I stumbled upon your blog. I wish you good luck and am sending you as many ‘positive vibes’ as I can. And today I am taking a ‘me’ day.


  2. Josh, I also stumbled upon your video and am in awe of how you are handling this awful hand that you have been dealt. My husband lived with cancer for 12 amazing years and never gave up the fight until the week before he passed away. I see that strength in you and the way you speak. I too am sending positive vibes and love your way!

  3. I admire your strength and wish you a very successful outcome. I am also sending you positive vibes and a prayer too. I think it is only natural to be nervous and scared. I am sure you have an amazing team who will work hard during the surgery to perform their miracle. Stay strong.

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