Who Am I?

I’m Josh Haddon, 28 year old comedian bobbing and weaving in the fight of my life.  I am currently spending most of my time battling Stage 3 metastasized esophageal cancer.  I am working on a book and video blog both aptly named, The Funny Thing About Cancer.  I love talking to new people who are sharing a similar challenge.  Contact me through here if you want.

Josh Haddon is a lot of things.  Serial entrepreneur, stand up comedian, writer, motivational coach and sales trainer.  He gives his best presentations when incorporating all of those traits.

Available for corporate events, private parties and comedy clubs, Josh is always the life of the party.  Before comedy, he was a touring sales trainer with many Fortune 500 companies.  He is perfect for your next business event.

Josh has preformed stand up comedy all over North America, he produced and hosted the Border City Comedy Fest and has been seen on MTV’s Ridiculousness.

Excerpt taken from a made up magazine:

“Some say, ‘good old Josh’, others aren’t quite so particular.  After a nomadic life filled with great jobs, fun and successful business ventures, comedy shows and of course some spectacular ups and downs he decided to call Windsor, Ontario his home.   The oldest of 5 and having only sisters, he certainly knows what women want – and that is to be left alone.  He proves this through his earnest attempts to stay single.  ‘Why go out for steak when being a vegetarian is healthier?’ he quips when asked about relationships.  A professional business person by day and life of the party on stage most nights, Josh Haddon truly is as hard to explain as your last black out.”

-Hosh Jaddon, Canadian Comedy Magazine

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