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We have moved to a new location!  Please click here to order the book. 

Or Here.

Or Here too.

The Funny Thing About Cancer book prints mid May 2015.  Electronic copies for Kindles, Kobos etc will be available at the beginning of June.  Hard copies will be mailed to those who preordered on or before May 21st, 2015.

If you would like, you can also order additional copies to be sent to cancer centres across North America. The cost is just $17.00 and it guarantees a copy is shipped to a cancer centre, chemotherapy lounge or radiation clinic.

Cancer centers and chemotherapy lounges are depressing!  Help send a copy of my book THE FUNNY THING ABOUT CANCER to someone who needs it.  A 150 page, hilarious, raw and uncut view from a comedian fighting cancer.   

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